Thursday, September 27, 2012

October 2012 Schedule

October will be a packed month for WILD TIME on Soundart Radio.

Have a look at our schedule :
October 3rd 2012 Wild Time's Thomas Janak will be talking to WDSF's Juergen Ortmueller about their current campaigns regarding cetacians in captivity. We will also be talking to animal rights lawyer Dr.Steve M. Wise about his amazing plan to bring human rights to certain animals.

 October 10th 2012 Lucy Snowleopard, a big cat activist, will be talking to us about the  Copenhagen Zoo where healthy two year-old Amur leoprads have recently been euthanised. We will also be talking to the Leicestershire Wildlife Hospital about a recent raid in which a lot of damage was done, property was stolen and animals were killed.

October 17th 2012 Taking on FB – in conversation with Stephanie Stringer! It is not too difficult to find porn and even bestiality openly on Facebook. Stephen and her team are now taking on the social networking site in an attempt to make them police their sites appropriatly.

 October 24th 2012 – Over the years WILD TIME has talked to activists and groups in 42 countries. To honour all the amazing people around the globe for their outstanding work to make the world a better and more compassionate place, WILD TIME dedicates an hour of music from different countries and cultures to the aformentioned people.

 October 31st 2012 – Scott Bowmann from Earthrace New Zealand will tell us all about the Maui Dolphins and an Egyptian activist from "SPARE" will highlight animal abuse on the Veterinary College in Cairo.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

September 2012 Schedule

     September 12th 2012 Animal Frienly Alliance and David Kirby Sea World Book - Wild Time's Thomas Janak talked to the Animal Friendly Alliance group who is helping animals in China to get some protection for them. Journalist and author David Kirby talks to Wild Time Radio about his latest research into cetacians in captivity and his new book "Death at Sea World".

      September 19th 2012 Babette de Jonge's sanctuary WILD CATS WORLD, based in Holland, is also involved in helping and rescuing big cats in Africa. All 36 species of wild cats are endangered and the conversation touches on many issues from canned hunting to animals in captivity, poaching and more.

      September 26th 2012 - NO SHOW this week as we're moving our studio.

Every Wednesday from 11pm on SOUNDART Radio.

Saturday, September 8, 2012


WILD TIME is an animal rights/world conservation radio show on air since February 2008.

The show currently runs weekly (every Monday from 10pm - midnight) on TCR FM and online.

Beginning on Wednesday, September 12th WILD TIME will also be on SOUNDART RADIO from 11pm to midnight.