Sunday, September 9, 2012

September 2012 Schedule

     September 12th 2012 Animal Frienly Alliance and David Kirby Sea World Book - Wild Time's Thomas Janak talked to the Animal Friendly Alliance group who is helping animals in China to get some protection for them. Journalist and author David Kirby talks to Wild Time Radio about his latest research into cetacians in captivity and his new book "Death at Sea World".

      September 19th 2012 Babette de Jonge's sanctuary WILD CATS WORLD, based in Holland, is also involved in helping and rescuing big cats in Africa. All 36 species of wild cats are endangered and the conversation touches on many issues from canned hunting to animals in captivity, poaching and more.

      September 26th 2012 - NO SHOW this week as we're moving our studio.

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